Real Magic

Real magic is not complicated, but it is mysterious. It flows through our veins like sap in a tree: sweet and sticky below the surface, locked inside of us like a golden secret.

Sometimes, we have just enough magic for a normal life.

Sometimes, we have so much magic that it bursts out of us and changes the world.

When your magic touches the world, what kind of magician are you?

The Two Ron Perlmans

In 2006 I interviewed Ron Perlman for the behind the scenes features for the Afro Samurai DVD. I asked for an early call-time but the interview schedule was set by the producers of the TV show for Friday at 4:30 PM after Ron’s day-long voice over session.  Ron, the camera man, sound man and I were all crowded into a small stuffy room with no AC because the rest of the facility was in use. Ron was hot, tired and had very little energy after working on his feet all day and made it clear to us that all he really wanted to do was get the interview over with as quickly as possible so he could get home and be with his son. The interview ended up OK and we got footage we could use, but I was a fan before that day and always wished my interaction with him had gone better. I had always heard he was a great guy, an energetic interview, affable, quick with a joke and really engaging. That was not the case at 5:00 PM on that Friday.  It wasn’t Ron’s fault or my fault; it was just the circumstances in which we found ourselves.

About a year later I was producing behind-the-scenes footage for Disney’s Turok game for Xbox 360 and had the opportunity to interview Ron Perlman again as he was portraying one of the main characters in the game. The interview was on a Wednesday at 11:00 AM, before his recording session, and it was a completely different experience. We were set up in the posh main room and had plenty of space. We were both starting the day fresh and well rested. Ron was a great guy, an energetic interview, affable, quick with a joke and really engaging. We both had a blast and the interview footage was great! Same two guys, same purpose, different circumstances and it made all the difference in the world.