First, Climb the Mountain

Want to get better at getting things done? ‘Course you do!

First, climb the mountain.

Do you do the easy stuff first?  STOP IT!!! Climb the mountain first and you’ll get more done. If you begin with the hard stuff and finish it, then you’ll get rewarded with the cherry on top of doing all of the fun and easy stuff afterward and completing the project, then gloating at your co-workers/competition as they struggle to reach their own summits after 4:00 PM –HA!

The problem with doing the easy stuff first is you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something and will often call it a day. Maybe the next morning you’ll move on to something new that’s also easy thinking you’ll come back to climbing the mountains from yesterday later because you just want to get a bunch of stuff done – it feels so good! Eventually you have nothing left to do but climb mountains (stress out), or you’ll get so accustomed to living in the valleys that you just stay there with your head in the lilacs and you abandon your projects without ever making it to their summits.

I hear those of you who read my previous post Thou Shalt Not Plan pointing your fingers at me and yelling “Hypocrite!” And you are absolutely right. The deal is, these amazingly powerful lessons (or worthless opinions – you decide) I’m generously sharing with you require that you apply them in the right context. If you want me to do it all for you, and are willing to pay my punitive (but oh, so worth it) consulting fee, message me.

Now dear friends, what  tips do you have for getting the job done? Leave them in the comments section and help others on their way to happiness.



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